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By Distributed Validators Synctems

validator school
Distributed Validators Synctems
POSTHUMAN as a part of DVS and Sputnik Foundation launched Validator School to accelerate the process of Decentralization!
Building the Internet of Blockchains needs professional validators to contribute to the growth of the Networks!
Learning takes place in stages: from simple to complex
How the education process works?
Classes include online lectures, practical seminars and workshops, and watching educational videos (homework)
The full course includes both: group and individual online lessons
After the complete completion of the first stage, there is a transition to the second stage, and then to the third
Transition to a more difficult stage is impossible without complete assimilation of the material from an easier stage
In case of complete misunderstanding of a more difficult stage, the participant of School returns to an easier stage
Education are divided into two parts: Technical and Humanities
Each part consists of Theoretical and Practical lessons
Education begins with the Humanitarian part, in order to give a complete picture of "what validation is" and "who a Validator is"
What happens if you successfully complete the course?
If you prove yourself in the studying process and also correspond for the minimum requirements for DVS Validators,
you may be invited to become a part of
Decentralized Autonomous Synchronization DVS, which will give you additional features...
Depending on your skills and talents, you may be asked to join the DVS, Sputnik Foundation or Sputnik Network as a team member for:
  • Development of software code
  • Design and Graphics
  • Content creation
  • Community development
  • Moderation of social networks
  • Organization of events and competitions
  • Development of games on the blockchain
  • Fund management
and much more...
Join our
validator school
Become one of the best validators
and part of DVS right now!
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