on-chain metrics
In the material world, an energy engineer.
In the digital world - a crypto-enthusiast. I like studying new technologies and technological gadgets. Hobbies - home automation (smart home), drone racing, I'm into programming.
POSTHUMAN attributions - visualizing on-chain metrics and statistics on PHMN token.
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nikita perkov
Nikita is a full-time enthusiast with a passion for art and design.

Nikita is in charge of news gathering, creating graphic content and infographics for the community.

Nikita is responsible for the infographic of POSTHUMAN validator.
active member
I am passionate about studying artificial intelligence and machine learning, which helps me better understand how computers can solve complex problems and help people in different fields.
I am interested in the latest technology and its impact on the future of society. Studying AI helps me better understand how the world will evolve in the future.
active member
arman tugaev
Active member of the Posthuman community. An ideological supporter of decentralization, a crypto enthusiast and a passionate member of the community.
Arman moderates the Posthuman community chats in Telegram, protects the community from scams and spam, and is always ready to help newcomers in case of difficulties
active member
Asanka Kasum
Asa, cosmonaut who spends time to explore what’s happening on cosmos ecosystem. Helping and educating people in telegram and discord.
Writing articles and twitter threads in free time.

Our Community is our delegators!
Moreover! Our delegators is a part of our team!
POSTHUMAN will be the first community-driven validator!
POSTHUMAN validator has various communities that speak different languages.
We create educational content, and help to our Community to improve their knowledge and skills to be more familiar with blockchain!

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Our delegators are part of our team!
We are going to become a distributed validator that is driving by the Community of delegators!
All delegators of POSTHUMAN will receive $PHMN-tokens to govern the
POSTHUMAN validator!
specially for our community:
$PHmn token
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